We’re looking for dental professionals who are dedicated to the pursuit of Clinical Excellence and making a difference in the lives of their patients; are committed to serving their patients, collaborating with their team and peers while building a successful practice; believe in the connection of the health of the mouth and the body; are looking for an opportunity to succeed and grow; want to empower their patients by helping them understand the what, how and why of their needed treatment.

About Us

Grace Dental was opened in 1998 by founder and current owner, Dr. Gloria Roberts. The organization has grown to this 4,500 square foot facility based on long-lasting relationships with patients combined with a prime location and strategic relationships with the best specialists.

Our Purpose

We exist to Care, Protect, and Restore Beautiful Smiles that Helps People Face Life with Grace.


We are founded on our Core Values. They Define and guide us.


we acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, decisions, and communications, both individually and as a company.


we are committed to providing exceptional patient care and attentiveness to patient needs.


we are grateful for each day, and the patients that keep us in business.


we act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.


we learn from each other and are stronger as a team working towards a common goal. We believe in the power of teamwork.

Our Name

Several Meanings of Grace

Elegance or Beauty of Form, Manner, Motion, Expression or Action

A Pleasing or Attractive Quality, Feature or Endowment

Favor, Privilege or Good Will

A Freely Given Unmerited Favor and Love of God

To Dignify or Honor

Elegance with Appropriate Dignity

The Influence or Spirit of God Operating in Man

Moral Strength

A Sense of What is Right and Proper

How About You?

We offer training, development, support, competitive compensation, and benefits that include malpractice insurance, health, and 401K.

Qualified Candidates who are interested in hearing more should apply by sending their information to :

I have never encountered a more professional, knowledgeable and compassionate medical or dental staff. Whether cleaning, crowning or filling my teeth, none of which are my favorite things to do, they kept me informed, helped me relax and skillfully performed these services.

- Andy Gladstone

I found it so refreshing that both doctors were great listeners. I’m now out of pain and can again eat on both sides of my mouth without worry. Thanks Grace Dental!

- Betty Overland Park, Kansas

Grace Dental has some of the nicest staff I have ever come across at a dentist office. I like the way they keep me informed as they perform each dental procedure. Just their whole attitude, no matter what you come in for, helps you relax!

- W.J. Overland Park, Kansas

Location & Hours


12611 Antioch Rd
Overland Park, KS 66213


Monday, Tuesday
8 AM - 5 PM

8 AM - 6 PM

8 AM - 5 PM

Friday, Saturday
Cosmetic Appointments Only

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12611 Antioch Rd, Overland Park, KS 66213